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2016 challenges



Chairman of Lagardère Active


2015 crowned the success of our strategy, and saw us shift Lagardère Active's centre of gravity to rebalance Press and Audiovisual (following the full-year effect of the sale of certain press titles), develop Lagardère Studios internationally (with the acquisition of Grupo Boomerang TV in Spain), and revitalise the international expansion of our TV channels (Gulli) and radio stations (LARI), particularly in Africa.

We also intensified our Digital transformation, as demonstrated by the development of our e Health unit based on Doctissimo (MonDocteur and Doctipharma) and by the sharp increase in audience and sales figures at our press brands' websites.

Lastly, we succeeded in stabilising sales while improving margins and profitability by reinvigorating our traditional brands (modernising the range of offline content, developing online revenues and diversifying into non-media activities) and by pressing ahead with our cost-reduction strategy.


Our priorities for 2016 are to continue rebalancing our business portfolio, intensify our digital transformation, expand internationally, develop B2B revenues, and reduce costs. We have to remain young at heart, demanding in terms of content quality, benevolent and positive in our interactions with society, independent of economic or political interests, and attentive to the motivation, commitment and enthusiasm of our teams.

2016 will be the year in which we consolidate Lagardère Active. Boasting some ten star brands, our aim is to strike a more even balance between Audiovisual and Press, generate revenue from more diversified sources, boost profitability and thus be capable of investing more. By the end of 2016, we will have completed the bulk of our transformation.

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