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Stock price

Paris stock exchange - 9/20/2019 - 5:35:15 PM

Lagardère : 21.30 € Cours en hausse +1.14%

stock price on 9/20/2019
Session 9/20/2019 Lagardère SBF 120 CAC 40
Price change +1.14% +0.47% +0.56%
Volume of stocks traded 1,183,018 --- ---
Value of capital traded (€) 25,193,732 --- ---
Stock price 21.30 € Cours en hausse 4,485.48 pts Cours en hausse 5,690.78 pts Cours en hausse
Opening price 21.00 € 4,463.96 pts 5,655.37 pts
High 21.56 € 4,490.44 pts 5,696.25 pts
Low 20.98 € 4,457.25 pts 5,647.53 pts
Previous day’s close 21.06 € 4,464.70 pts 5,659.08 pts

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Repères du cours et variation depuis le 31/12/2005
Statistics Lagardère SBF 120 CAC 40
Change since 31/12/2018 -4.36 % +18.87 % +19.62 %
High for year 24.96 € 4,485.48 pts 5,690.78 pts
Low for year 18.80 € 3,663.66 pts 4,611.48 pts
Price on 31/12/2018 22.02 € 3,755.93 pts 4,730.69 pts

Source: SIX Financial Information / Newsweb
The data concerning the volumes traded is uniquely relative to Euronext.
The Lagardère stock price is provided exclusively for information and not for trading purposes. Changes in the Lagardère stock price are displayed with a lag of around 15mn. Before any transaction, please contact your broker. Lagardère, SIX Financial Information, Newsweb and Euronext cannot be held responsible for inaccurate, delayed or interrupted data, regarding the stock price announced on its website.