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Le Journal du Dimanche
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Le Journal du Dimanche

Le JDD is indisputably one of France's most influential media outlets.
- Every Sunday, it sparks debate and sets the news agenda for the coming days (advertising, polls, exclusive content).
- Published as one week ends and another begins, Le JDD is the forum of choice for today's decision-makers.
Each week, it covers the news affecting the French public, informing and enlightening readers about everything from the Yellow Vests movement to France's Grand Débat project and the European Union... from pension reform to the draft legislation on medically assisted reproduction... from the latest on the Carlos Ghosn scandal to the summer-long counter-investigation into Sarkozy's ties with Gaddafi.
And new in 2019: Le JDD's aim to provide exclusive news content, ahead of all its competitors, is no longer limited to just Sunday.
In May the paper launched its daily newsletter, Le Journal de Demain, published Monday through Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and pledging the same editorial commitment as the print edition: to provide readers with an advance look at the news that will make front-page headlines the next morning, offer insight on the latest information and analyze its impact for the future.
In addition, Le JDD continues to be part of the current debate with its premium lecture series, Les Matins de l'Economie and Les Conversations. This year's topic of discussion: corporate citizenship.

Twitter: @leJDD
Facebook: @leJDD
Instagram: @le_jdd

Site web :


Division : Corporate and other activities


2 Rue des Cévennes
75015 Paris

email :
Tel : (33) 1 80 20 30 00


Anne-Violette Revel
Executive Director and Publisher


Hervé Gattegno
Directeur général de la rédaction
email :


Média, Presse, Édition de revues et périodiques, Newsletter, Conférences

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