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On 31 December 2019, the share capital of the Company amounted to €799,913,044.60 and was divided into 131,133,286 shares of par value €6.10 each, all ranking pari passu and fully paid.

Share ownership structure at 12.31.2019

ShareholdersNumber of shares% of share 
% of voting rights exercisable at General Meetings % of theoretical voting rights
Non-French investors(*) 87,085,906
66.41 61.49 60.67
French institutional investors(**) 15,498,472
11.82 12.61 12.44
Lagardère Capital & Management(***) 9,521,625
7.26 11.03 10.88
Private investors 13,717,017
10.46 12.21 12.05
Employees and Group Savings Plan investment funds 2,343,096
2.26 2.66 2.63
Treasury shares 1,088,879 
1.79 1.33
Total 131,133,286

(*) Including Qatar Holding LLC and Amber Capital
(**) Including Caisse des dépôts et consignations.
(***) Arnaud Lagardère, LM Holding, Lagardère SAS and its subsidiary Lagardère Capital & Management.

Diluted earnings per share

Adjusted profit attributable to owners of the Parent (in millions of €)(**) 200
Average number of shares including dilutive share options and free shares 131,015,125
131,534,400 (**)
Adjusted profit attributable to owners of the Parent, per share (€)(**) 1.55 € 1.71

(*) Excluding non-recurring/non-operating items.
(**) Data for 2018 restated for the full retrospective application of IFRS 16.